street art

Lewisham Street Art

If you wander the through Lewisham you will come across some amazing public art & street art spread out throughout the borough.

  • Street art by Irony – Forest Hill
  • Pearls & Ties by Artmongers – Deptford
  • Take Flight – River Shrine Mural by LSOM
  • Greyhound mural by Andrew Loakim – Catford
  • Dancer – Rainbow Bridge by Art Mongers
  • Butterfly Mural – Catford
  • Luxmore Gardens Bird Mural – New Cross
  • Traffic – Dan Kitchener (DANK) – Brockley
  • Zooming Bus – Brockley Mural by Lionel Stanhope
  • Black Panthers & the London Borough of Lewisham’s Crown by

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