We Are Lewisham Architecture Challenge

We Are Lewisham Architecture Challenge

Introduced by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in 2017, the London Borough of Culture award is a competition that sees London’s 32 boroughs bid for more than £1m of funding to stage a programme of cultural events and initiatives. For 2022, Lewisham (WeAreLewisham) won the accolade of being the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022.

In September 2022, I teamed up with WeAreLewisham for their architecture challenge. We asked the public…

“We want to know which buildings sum up Lewisham’s character and make you proud to live here. Tell us by sharing your photo and a line about why you chose that building.”

Please use the hashtag #CreativeChallenge and tag @WeAreLewisham and @LewishamLens.

Quotes From Entrants About Lewisham Buildings

“What I love about it is doesn’t look anything special from the outside & so everyone gets huge surprise once enter & see the amazing sumptuous interior-also it’s only 5 mins walk from my house”

@JaneCanDoSE4 – Rivoli Ball Room

The building may not be the most beautiful, but people and memories also make places, and there are some wonderful people and memories here.

@catfordkatie – Laurance House

 a big empty space with sunlight coming in makes me want to jump & dance…

Jenika Argent – Horniman Museum Conservatory

I would love to see the house preserved perhaps as a community centre or a NT property?

@cornish_jack – The Pink House

Photography Submissions

  • @D_Ans01 – Walters Way
  • bobbins3107 – Building – Catford
  • Katie Drew – Laurence House
  • Jenika – Horiman Museum
  • Jenika – Bandstand – Horiman Museum
  • @MalcolmBacchus – New Cross Fire station
  • @SJD09752763 – Trinity Laban
  • Matt John – Catford Cat
  • @IRIEdance – Moonshot Centre
  • @Eco_CP_Library – Crofton Park Community Library
  • Rivoli Ballroom – @JaneCanDoSE4
  • @JaneCanDoSE4 · Sep 22 My fave Lewisham building has to be
  • @Love_SE4 – Broadway Theatre
  • @running_past – Lewisham Sivan Kovil, Hindu Temple
  • @running_past – The Coombe Cliff Conservatory, Horniman Gardens
  • Jenika – Brockley Church
  • Jenika – Ninth Life
  • @cornish_jack – The Pink House